Getting started with the Furhat SDK


To install the SDK, follow this process:

Updating SDK

The updating functionality of the SDK is currently undergoing a rebuild, so next time we update you have to reinstall the SDK. Quite usually however, updating the furhat-commons library (in your skill's build.gradle file) is enough to have your skill get the latest changes. With the new updating functionality that we're working on, this will be a lot easier.

For upgrading skills to a new SDK version, please see skills docs.

Running the SDK

Note: If you are on Mac and have the latest OSX Mojave, you have to give explicit permission, for the terminal application you use, to the microphone.

  • Open your SDK folder in your terminal
  • Launch the SDK with the commands
    • launchSDK.bat on Windows
    • sh on Mac and Linux
  • Open your browser (Chrome is recommended) and navigate to http://localhost:8080
  • Log into the web interface with password "admin"
  • To set up microphones: Configure microphone under microphone settings in web interface.
  • To set up speaker: Configure speaker under the home settings in web interface.
  • Finally, test the speech, gaze and gestures on the home screen and make sure the Virtual Furhat behaves as it should.
  • To test the microphone and speech recognition, create a new skill and test-run it.