Tutorial: Your first Blockly skill


In this 15 minute (video) tutorial, we will show you how to build a basic interactive skill using the Blockly graphical programming tool.

Note: Since the video tutorial format is new for us we would happily head what you think about it so that we can improve. Please send your honest feedback on support@furhatrobotics.com

The skill will wait for a user and when a user appears, ask the user for his/her name and then greet the user accordingly.


This tutorial assumes that you meet the following criterias


  1. Start the SDK as described in the Getting started guide.
  2. In a terminal, navigate to the directory where you have the Blockly tool .skill file
  3. Start the Blockly tool by running java -jar NAME_OF_BLOCKLY_FILE
  4. Navigate to the web-interface of the SDK on localhost:8080
  5. Notice that the skill is running in the top bar. Open the Blockly GUI by clicking the button in this section.

The video tutorial

You will find the tutorial below, we recommend viewing it in fullscreen and pausing it whenever you want.

Note: Currently the Blockly tool will not automatically save your work so remember to save it often using the save-button in the top bar