Default textures

By default all Furhats come with a mask called "Adult" and 10 textures. Textures can be selected in the Web Inteface Home tab in Texture drop down menu or called in skills using furhat.setTexture("TEXTURE_NAME").

Custom textures

Users can add custom textures through Assets menu in the Settings tab to Furhat Adult mask. Example files for custom textures can be downloaded here.

Extract and rename the example_texture folder as you want (the name you give the folder will show up in the textures menu when you have uploaded the new textures to the robot). Then you can edit the textures with your favourite image editing software. It can be helpful to keep the example textures in a separate layer so you can ensure that featuers such as mouth, eyes and eyebrows get properly aligned. When you save your edited textures, take care to retain the exact file names (e.g. skin.jpg), file format and resolution as the example files (eyes: 256x256 jpg, skin: 1024x1024 jpg, sock & tongue: 128x128 jpg, teeth: 512x128 png).