SDK launcher

The Furhat SDK Launcher is an application that packages our SDK and the resources necessary to run the SDK. Allowing you to use our Virtual Furhat by the press of a button! Current functionality includes:

  • Downloading and updating the Furhat SDK
  • Running skills
  • Log output for both the SDK and skills.
  • Notifications when a new version of the SDK or SDK Launcher is available.

Get the launcher here.


Depending on the platform either an installer or an application can be downloaded.

  • Windows, double click the .exe and follow the installation instructions.
  • Mac, double click the .dmg and follow the installation instructions.
  • Linux, add execution privileges to the .AppImage and run.

Note: Currently Windows Smartscreen incorrectly flags the SDK as being potentially harmful. This warning will be shown until a sufficient number of installations are performed, to classify the software as trusted and safe.

Getting the API Token

In order to use the launcher, an API token is needed from your furhat account. To retrieve the API use the following instruction:

  1. Go to your user settings at
  2. Scroll down to "Furhat API token"
  3. If there is no token, request the token.
  4. Copy the token, and paste it in the API Token field.

Your Developer Zone account should now be linked to the SDK Launcher!


Start the application. The launcher might prompt the user for priviliges, accept them in order to use the launcher.

Open web interface

Click the button labelled "Open web interface", your default browser should open the web interface. Use the password admin to login. From here the virtual robot can be controlled.

Verifying installation

Open the console by clicking view console and see if there are any errors. Open the web-interface and press the "listen" button, the web-interface should now show what the user is saying. On the homepage of the web-interface you can also make the robot speak by the push of a button, test it out! If both listening and speaking work – the installation was successfull. If any errors occured they show up in the console.

Running a skill

You can run a skill directly from the launcher. Press Start Skill and select your .skill file.

See also: Packaging the skill into .skill file and Running a skill

Skill development

In order to build/create skills version 8 of the JDK has to be installed, currently we recommend AdoptOpenJDK8, which can be downloaded here.

Using the JDK from the launcher

It is also possible to use the JDK downloaded by the SDK Launcher for skill development, this however requires some extra steps and some technical know-how of the system. But this can be done in:

The path of the JDK from the SDK Launcher is: <User directory>\.furhat\launcher\JDK

Creating a skill

Currently there is no functionality to allows to create a skill using the launcher, but the terminal can be used to create it anyway. The method differs per operating system.

cd ~/.furhat/launcher/SDK/`SDK VERSION`
./gradlew createSkill --name=GettingStarted (--folder=`optional location`)

cd %HOMEPATH%%\.furhat\launcher\SDK\`SDK VERSION`
gradlew createSkill --name=GettingStarted (--folder=`optional location`)

cd ~/.furhat/launcher/SDK/`SDK VERSION`
./gradlew createSkill --name=GettingStarted (--folder=`optional location`)

More information can be found here.


Where is the SDK installed?

  • The launcher will install the SDK in your home folder, in the .furhat directory. On a mac/unix the location would be: ~/.furhat/launcher/<version>/

The web interface requires a password. What is the password?

  • The default password is 'admin'.

I'm getting an error about java version when trying to run the CreateSkill command. I selected to download Java8 when installing the SDK. What is this about?

  • JDK 8 is included with the installation package and the SDK is configured to use it. But we don't change the system wide settings of the default Java version to use. To work around this issue, you can either change your system settings to use the downloaded JDK. It's located at ~/.furhat/launcher/JDK or you can download and install the JDK again. We recommend Adopt Open JDK.

I'm getting an error about java version when running s skill from IntelliJ. I selected to download Java8 when installing the SDK. What is this about?

  • Check your settings in IntelliJ to make sure you are using JDK8. Go to: File - Project Structure. Check the tab 'Project' and the tab 'SDKs'