Connect your robot to the internet

There are three ways in which you can connect your Furhat to the internet, all of which we will briefly explain in the following. Please note that you currently cannot use Furhat with a WiFi that requires a browser signup/log-in or is hidden (not broadcast).

1. Ethernet connection

If you have an internet connected LAN-cable just plug it into the back of the robot and you're done! You can press the rotary button at the back of the robot in to show the menu on the Furhat's face. If it displays an IP-address, your connection was successful.

2. WiFi Connection - using Furhat as a hotspot

The very first time you turn on the robot, it automatically starts a hosted network for you, so you can skip the first step.

Step 1 - Start hosted network on the robot

  • Press the rotary button on the back of the robot to show the menu on Furhat's face.
  • Rotate it down to WIFI-LAN and click it.
  • Click Start hosted network.

Step 2 - Connect to the hosted network

  • Connect to the Furhat's hosted WiFi network from your computer. The network name is Furhat-XXX (such as Furhat-326) and the default password is furhatrobotics.
  • You will lose the internet connection at this point.

Step 3 - Connect Furhat to your WIFI

  • Enter Furhat's IP address (as seen on the on-face menu, it will most likely be in a browser on your computer.
  • Login using the password admin.
  • Go to Settings and then Network.
  • In the list, click Connect next to your network, enter the password of your network and click Add Network.

3. WiFi Connection - using an external USB keyboard

  • Plug an external USB keyboard into the back of the robot.
  • Press CTRL+I to show the menu on Furhat's face.
  • Select Manage Wlan, select your WiFi-network using the up and down buttons and press Enter.
  • Enter the password of your WiFi network and press Enter again.
  • Once connected, you will see the IP of the Furhat displayed on its face.
    (You might need to close the dialog and reopen it again.)
  • Press CTRL+X to close the on-face menu.

Note: If your WiFi network has a password that includes non-English or non-alphanumerical characters, this method might not work.