Voice gestures

Non-verbal behavior is a key aspect in making your interaction feel human and authentic and voice-gestures is a great help when making an interaction more lifelike. Voice-gestures are defined as non-verbal sounds belonging to a voice, examples are "ehh", "ahh" "uhm", coughs, laughs, yawns etc.

The voice gestures are voice dependent meaning that each voice comes with a set of voice-gestures. The syntax also varies between providers as described below.

Cereproc voice gestures

William voice

For William, the default Furhat voice, a list of shortcut tags are available here. Use these tags as they are, for example: <agent:say>GESTURE_TUT_TUT</agent:say>

Acapela voice gestures

For Acapela voices, each voice comes with an unique set of voice-gestures. These are defined in .lst files in each of the voice folders. You use the tags as they are, for example <agent:say>#YAWN01#</agent:say>