Restoring your Furhat

If you encounter problems which you can't solve yourself or together with our tech support you may need to restore your Furhat.

You will need to prepare a USB-drive which can boot from start-up into a rescue-mode. From here you will restore your Furhat with an image.


  • Monitor, keyboard and mouse
  • mini-HDMI or mini-DisplayPort adapter to connect from Furhat to monitor
  • USB-Thumb drive minimum 32 GB
  • Internet connection (Preferably fast)

Prepare your USB-Thumb drive

  1. Insert your USB-thumb drive (min. 32GB) in your computer
  2. Format it to a NTFS-partition in Windows
  3. Create two folders, one for the image and one for backups
  4. Download Furhat restore image

    Note: Furhat support will provide this, please contact

  5. Copy the downloaded image to your thumb drive in the image folder

  6. Access your Furhat and copy the complete folders C:\Acapela.lic\ and C:\furhat\static\ to your thumb drive in the backup folder.

How to create rescue media

  1. Download Macrium Reflect installation file here

  2. Run the installer and follow instructions to install the software

  3. No extras should be installed during installation

  4. Launch the software


  • Select "Create rescue media" under "Other tasks"


  • Press "Next"


  • Press "Next" if everything checks ok, if not follow instructions

  • If you get a popup where Macrium has found an Update, then press continue and follow update instructions


  • Once update has finished continue by selecting your USB-thumb drive in the dropdown menu under "USB-Devices".
  • Uncheck "Enable multiboot MBR/UEFI USB support". If you did the update you will automatically be moved to the second step in the process, press "back" and you will be able to uncheck "Enable multiboot MBR/UEFI USB support".

  • Macrium will now create your bootable media and you will have a USB-thumbdrive that contains the tool to restore Window.

  • When your USB-thumb drive is ready unplug it and connect it to your Furhat.

Installation of restoration image

  1. Make sure you have internet connection on your Furhat
  2. Insert your thumbdrive
  3. Start your Furhat and press "F10" while in POST-mode. This will let you choose which drive you should boot from
  4. Select "UEFI : USB : "USB DRIVE" : PART 0 : OS Bootloader" where "USB DRIVE" is the name of your thumbdrive
  5. Macrium will now start, choose the tab "Restore" and click "Browse for an image or backup file to restore"
  6. Navigate to your usb-thumbdrive where you stored the image-file you previously downloaded and click "Open"
  7. Now click "Restore image" button
  8. In the new popup window press "next" followed by "finish"
  9. Macrium will ask you to confirm the overwrite, choose "Continue"

  10. Depending on the speed of your USB-thumbdrive the restoring process can vary between 10-45 minutes

  11. Once the restore is finished press "close", unplug any usb-drives and restart Furhat

Configuring your Furhat after restoring

You will have a clean installation of your Furhat now and you need to restore the files you previously backed up.

  1. Start Furhat
  2. An automated script will start to download voices, faces and skills which was originally shipped with your Furhat. Furhat will restart once this is ready.
  3. Insert your USB-thumb drive with the backups
  4. Copy the Acapela.lic folder to C:\
  5. Copy the static folder to C:\furhat\

Licensing Windows

To license your Windows license you need to follow this procedure

  1. Open start-menu and open Services
  2. Open service Windows update
  3. Choose startup-type to be Manual, click apply
  4. Press Start and confirm that service status is running, don't close this window yet
  5. Open start-menu and open System
  6. Press Activate windows
  7. Press Change product key
  8. Type in the serial keyboard > Note: Furhat support will provide this, please contact
  9. Press next to activate windows
  10. You should now see that Windows has successfully activated Windows, close the window
  11. Go back to Services window for Windows Update and stop the service and then choose disabled from the dropdown menu for Windows Update
  12. Press OK and the configuration is done
  13. Close all windows and restart Furhat