If you choose “Face” in the web interface, you will get a page where you can easily test that the basic functions of the head are working:

  • Type in a text and press “Speak” to test the audiovisual speech synthesis (with the current voice)
  • Press a gesture button to try the different facial gestures.
  • Click somewhere in the Gaze grid to make Furhat gaze (and turn the head) in different directions.

You can also make relevant configurations:

  • Voice: Set which synthesizer and voice to use. Note: skills can change voices with the action.voice event)
  • Texture: Set which texture to use. Note: skills can change voices with the action.texture event)
  • Mask model: Set which mask model to use, depending on which mask is currently attached (default is “bertil”)
  • Speaker: Set which speaker to use. This can be changed if you attach an external USB speaker or soundcard (after which the mode needs to be restarted.
  • Define facial gestures: Define your own gestures, starting from scratch or based on an existing, provided gesture.
  • Calibrate face position: Align the facial animation to the mask.
  • Models and textures: Here you can download and upload your own textures for the face, or completely new models for new masks.
  • Neck parameters: Parameters for the servos. These should typically never be changed.


If you encounter blurry image on Furhat's face, the projector might have lost it's focus calibration.

To calibrate it, you need to turn the focus ring on the projector which is mounted in the neck of Furhat.

Look inside the neck of Furhat just underneath a imaginary ear on the right side, inside there, you will see a pinhole big enough to fit a finger, there will be a ring which adjusts the focus of the projector.

While rotating this ring keep track of the focus on the mask until you are satisfied.

Mask change

The masks of Furhat are magnetically attached which allows for quick change of mask.

  • To change the mask, pull the mask outwards under the jaw.
  • To put it back, do the same procedure and it will align to magnets, no calibration needed.