Adding textures and masks

A key feature of Furhat is to alter the visual projection of the face, which can be done in two ways; by changing the mask or changing the texture. Each (physical) mask has a corresponding model, a 3D-model that you map skin textures to.

All textures and masks/models that are correctly installed are visible in the mask and texture drop-down menus in the Face menu page.

Adding a texture

Texture creation guide to be added. Meanwhile, you can download a set of 6 textures for the standard Furhat mask (Bertil) here. The easiest way to install these is to unzip them in the c:\furhat\static\models\bertil folder on your Furhat.

Adding a mask

If you want to truly customize your Furhat persona, you probably want to have a custom mask to go with a custom texture. In order to get a custom mask (and model), please contact