Repository Migration

From Furhat 1.25.0 onwards, we will change the repository with which we host furhat-commons due to the hosting service we previously used shutting down.

  • For all our customers, your built skill binaries will continue to work.

  • For all our developers, you will need to change the build.gradle file to be able to continue accessing the furhat-commons library. You have 1 year to do this, March 1st 2022, but we urge you to make the switch today to avoid any issues down the line.

  • All previously released furhat-commons releases are available on the new repository. You are not forced to upgrade to a later version of furhat-commons. However, to use any new release you will need to change your build gradle.

  • All newly built skills with furhat-commons 1.25.0 onwards will use the new repository.

  • Take a look at any other dependencies you are using that rely on "jcenter()" or that hav a url containing the word "bintray". These libraries will no longer be accessible in March 2022. Hopefully the authors of those libraries you are using will migrate away in time.

New Build Gradle

All you need to change is the "repositories" block in your build gradle to:

repositories {
    maven { url ""}
    maven { url '' }

Old Build Gradle

For reference, the old build gradle looked like this.

repositories {
    maven { url "" }